Something wonderful happens when life falls apart...

You get to put all of your pieces back together differently, deliberately and beautifully!

I believe that life is intended to be joyful - extremely joyful!

I am also keenly aware that it is fully capable of knocking you to your knees, at any given moment.

No one is immune to life's adversities. It's what you choose to do with them, that makes the difference.

I have survived a lot: cancer, divorce, failed business, harassment and so on. However, there is nothing that shattered me like losing my father to suicide.

I did my best to put on a brave face and carry on. However, my life fell apart. My relationships and business suffered. I imploded. I felt hopeless.

I dived deep into the mental health arena to try and understand what had happened and why. It was there that I learned that I have an innate ability to raise people up and allow them a safe space to be vulnerable. By helping others find their joy, I also found mine.

Today, I am more vibrant, healthy, creative, focused and joyful than I have ever been before.

These days, I am utilizing my decades of experience producing entertainment and events, to create experiences (concerts, events, games, chit chat) designed to entertain and inspire but also to educate about the realities of depression and suicide.

It is all about celebrating the life we have been given and seeking support, when needed, to live vivaciously!