Bringing Happy Back (BHB)


The Mission:

In conjunction with the Las Vegas entertainment community, we stand in solidarity to encourage the pursuit of mental wellness and celebrate reverence for life. By utilizing entertainment, education, advocacy and inspiration, we will send a powerful message to the world that:

1) You matter

2) You are not alone

3) You CAN get your happy back.

“Why am I producing BHB? Because I don’t believe any human should ever have to feel that suicide is their only option” - Tonya Farrens

What is BHB?

Together with area producers, entertainers, headliners and mental wellness advocacy groups, we are producing a one-of-a-kind show in January called, The Bringing Happy Back Experience (BHB)

The one night event is purposely designed with music, dance, comedy, spoken word and multi-media to inspire, entertain and educate about the realities of depression and suicide.

Over 200 college campuses, mental health organizations, military bases and first responders are planning viewing parties. In addition to our 900+ in attendance, our online viewership is anticipated to exceed a hundred thousand... 

The show will not focus on the somberness of the subject, rather attempt to motivate those in crisis to get the support that they deserve.

When & Where?

Coming to you live from

 Las Vegas

January 31, 2019

We will also be streaming

the show live online

across the globe!


BHB will take place on January 31st, which should have been my father’s 73rd birthday.

Sadly, we lost him to suicide in 2015.

I cannot imagine a better way to honor my Dad than to do my best to save someone else’s.

Statistically speaking, if your life has not yet been personally affected by suicide, it will. The numbers continue to increase at a frightening rate. This is our way to raise vibes and save lives.

Align With BHB

There are multiple sponsorship, casting and volunteer opportunities available. Send a message and get aligned with this exciting project. We'd love to have you!