When people ask, “So, what do you do?”, I often am unsure where to start.

I create.

I am deeply passionate about producing empowering events, whether that be galas, fundraisers, trade shows or workshops.

I have been a special event executive for over 20 years in Las Vegas and beyond.

I own a few small businesses that are each centered around creating unique and inviting flavors. Everything from frozen craft cocktails, gourmet and spiked sno-cones, infused simple syrups, salts and sugars and even a new line of gaming inspired spirits.

My true heart project is an annual concert event called, Bringing Happy Back. It’s designed to promote reverence for life and to empower, educate and entertain – with the sole mission of deterring suicide.

I’m dedicated to assisting clients with memorable events, private label products and outside the box (there’s no box) marketing.

What do you want to create?


Tonya Farrens, is the founder of Tonya Farrens Productions, a conscious marketing and event production firm,  as well as  Lux Icery, purveyors of handcrafted frozen cocktails, sold to concession companies nationwide, The Lab craft infusions and Spark Spirits. Tonya is also the executive director for The Bringing Happy Back Foundation.

For over 25 years, Tonya has worked with industry leaders around the globe to create one of a kind events and campaigns, including holding executive roles with Cirque du Soleil and touring with best-selling author, Gary Zukav.

It wasn’t until she lost her father to suicide in 2015 that she realized that production wasn’t just about entertaining or networking; it is also highly therapeutic.

By utilizing art, dance, music and video, she is developing inspiring events to promote mental wellness and create platforms for open dialogue about suicide and the stigma surrounding it. These events bring communities and families together to empower, educate and entertain.

Jackpot Craft Bourbon

Jackpot Whiskey is a handcrafted bourbon/whiskey, infused with cardamom, clove and orange.  It’s reminiscent of a traditional old fashioned.

After decades of creating one of a kind cocktails and infusions, I’m over the moon to be partnered with Bend Distillery and preparing to roll out the barrels. The marketing launch of this delicious new bourbon has just commenced and limited edition bottles will be hitting shelves this winter. 

Creating a spirit with the gaming community in mind, helps bridge my Vegas life with the craft distillery magic of my home state of Oregon.


The Lab

Introducing The Lab – craft infusions

Those that know me understand I have a passion for complex flavors. Whether it be culinary or mixology, I am drawn to recipes that are spicy and sweet, tart and savory or lively and refreshing.

I utilized months of lockdown to create a range of infusions, that I’m ready to unleash.  Everything from thai infused sesame oils, ginger raw sugar, teas, coffees, vinegars and our new pop rock candy cocktail rims. Dozens of new flavorful products! 

And because adulting is hard, we have handcrafted spirits, infused with fresh herbs, spices, citrus, botanicals and secrets.

Have you ever wanted your very own spirit brand?

Now you can!!

Join us at The Lab for private tastings, that match your flavor profile. Then select your favorite and let us create your handcrafted bottle, label and packaging.

Perfect gifts for family, friends, clients, employees or for yourself.

Let’s have a tasting party for you and your friends.  Connect today